FORENSICS Détecteur de monoxyde de Carbone Co Voiture, véhicule, Avion | Corps en métal, Petite 2Oz

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  • Marque: FORENSICS
  • Type de batterie: Lithium
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  • Référence constructeur: DT-46042
  • ASIN: B076S6KBP2
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  • Date de mise en ligne sur 26 février 2018


Détecteur de monoxyde de carbone pour les applications de véhicule. Design moderne et élégant avec des options de montage Stick. Moniteur d'alarme et toxiques de monoxyde de carbone de fuites de gaz d'échappement dans les véhicules et/ou en plein air pollution de l'air entrant dans le véhicule...

Commentaires utilisateurs

We use this device in our two airplanes as CO is a great danger in an airplane. It is the best. Over the years I have tried several different units made by other companies. Some are cheap cardboard with a dot to turn color with CO. Others are expensive and some are very expensive and turn themselves off after 2 years,...even it you turn the device off after each flight. The Forensics CO monitors are small yet give a very visible warning and audio. The pricing is great as it is 1/3 the price of the "best" monitor I have previously purchased. The only thing missing on this unit is a warning of "end of life". No worries as we will buy two more when that happens. We have one in each plane, mounted to be in the line of sight of the pilot. Highly recommended....
Update - downgraded to 1 star. After trying multiple tests, I took unit out and turned on car. The alarm went off at once standing very near the rear of vehicle. After moving a hundred yards away and waiting for the CO to drop back down (which took almost 2 minutes even though I was FAR away from vehicle and reading dropped back to zero) I went back to vehicle and it would not sense any more CO. Either my 14 year old catalytic converter is 100% efficient or this thing is is randomly no good. Returning.Also - note. The unit does NOT show background CO level below 9. So if you were interested in if there was, say a level just under the limit, it will not show it.I'm rating this as 2 stars because I don't know for certain it is not working - but I am suspicious that it isn't and returning it. My other issues are that build quality, packaging, and instructions all seem off. The overall cost seems to be WAY too high. $99 for something I'm not confident in is way too much.I took the detector into garage (after going to through the start up process described in instructions) where a kerosene heater (radiant type - which is supposed to be low CO emission but is still an UNVENTED combustion appliance) had been running several hours and the meter stays at 0. I wasn't sure before I tried it if the CO level might be above the warning threshold (hopefully not!) but I fully expected something from an unvented combustion source in a smaller, closed area. Nothing.Returning as it is not very confidence inspiring - in function, build or packaging.Unit is VERY small (much smaller than expected) and build doesn't "feel" or look very professional. (Or Japanese as they typically make quality items) Packaging was *very* disconcerting - it appears that Amazon *repackages* the unit, with semi-sketchy instructions that look like someone made at home, in a fleamarket-esque cheap white jewelry box (complete with white fiber batting inside), with STICKERS on box indicating what was inside.I just don't get a confidence inspiring feel from the device and, in the end, I bought this for assurance that a poisonous gas wasn't building up in a confined area.
I drive a 10-year old car, and since I spend lots of time driving I wanted to know if any carbon monoxide was entering the cabin. I got this little unit and tested it to be sure it worked. I set it near some burning incense like I saw someone demonstrate on YouTube, and the monitor responded immediately with warning lights and an audible alarm. It gave me different readings corresponding to my distance from the incense, and I was surprised at how much CO I was being exposed to, even from across the room. That stuff definitely isn't safe, especially in small areas with little ventilation. Testing in my car, the monitor never budged off of zero, so now I'm totally confident that my vehicle is safe. This monitor is small, well built, and will accompany me on my travels from now on. If you're looking for a CO monitor and don't know which to choose, I highly recommend this FORENSICS unit.
Unlike UL threshold monitors, this one begins registering and alerts me to the presence of dangerous CO almost immediately. Also, I use it everywhere, not just in my automobile. I recently discovered that one of our ranch vehicles had an exhaust leak when this monitor began alarming. My husband is an attorney whose practice includes representing people with brain injuries from exposure to CO and many of his clients are poisoned while staying in hotels. We keep this monitor with us when we travel. It is small, easy to read, easy to use and easy to pack.
We use this device in several of our aircraft and we are very happy with them. The level indicator is easily readable in the cockpit and the alarm can be heard even when wearing a standard passive headset (23 dB noise reduction). In addition to the small size and weight, the biggest advantage is the low-level, short time response alarm to alert the pilot to the hazard. We changed from the passive stick-on monitors due to an event which highlighted the need for a more responsive, accurate annunciator of the hazard. This unit fills the need at a very affordable cost.

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