WORKPRO Boîte à Outils Kit d’Outils Professionnel Avec une Mallette en Fer Cantilever à 5 Compartiments 183 Pièces

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  • Dimensions du produit (L x l x h): 48,3 x 24,1 x 24,1 cm
  • Référence: W009038A
  • Taille: 183-Piece
  • Couleur: Argent Noir Bleu Rouge
  • Quantité d'articles: 1
  • Piles incluses ?: Non
  • Batterie(s) / Pile(s) requise(s): Non
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  • Date de mise en ligne sur 17 septembre 2016


La plupart des outils sont applicables à l'utilisation quotidienne, y compris les tournevis, pinces, clés mâles, clés mixtes etc; Surface des outils en chrome polie entièrement assure la résistance à la corrosion; Poignée bi-matière ergonomique apporte une expérience confortable et antidérapante;...

Commentaires utilisateurs

let me preface those review by saying that I didn't have high hopes for this set and that I purchased it as a backup to carry in my car. I assumed that for the price, it's something that I wouldn't have to worry about breaking and/or losing, and also being that it was priced so low, I thought that I would end up replacing some of the tools, after all, the main reason I bought it was for the cantilever box. like the title says, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the tools included. keep in mind, when buying tool sets that boast 100+ tools (or the like), they tend to have fillers such as allen wrenches and driver bits, and this is no exception. not saying that they aren't needed, but they definitely drive the numbers higher. the finish on everything appears top notch, pliers moved freely, as did the adjustable wrench. next I tried the ratchet. this is one tool I was almost certain that I would have to replace, and I was wrong. it requires very little movement to engage, unlike most cheap ratchets. I compared the combination wrench to a snapon line wrench, and it was slightly thinner and lighter, but that's like comparing a Honda to a Bentley. all in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this set as either a beginner set or an extra set for the car. best of all, there is even extra room left in the box for other tools!
I purchased this for my son for car repair and as a start to build a tool set as moves into his life away from home. He went to use it to put together a book case and dang if it didn't come with a hammer. I looked over what was in the set, saw the variety, read the list, but I overlooked and probably just assumed it had a hammer. Shouldn't all tool sets? Luckily I have several to give him for his box. Its a great start for him and he was very happy when he opened it.
Love it. Tons of uses and the perfect gift. This will get any one started off great to do home and auto repairs. I was worried it would be cheap but it is built well and will stand the test of both time and a heavy use. Attractive and for the money it is hard to beat. Box is really nice and plenty of room for expansion.
Bought mainly for the cantilever box, expecting the tools to be very chincy. I was pleasantly surprised to see the tools to be of pretty decent quality.
Es un equipo muy practico y básico especial para los que empiezan en la mecánica, y es muy recomendable para seguir comprando de esta marca, su diseño y elegancia lo pone a uno como profesional. Att. ALEXANDER LA ROTTA desde Bogotá Colombia.

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